Laurie Williams-Fleury, a former executive in the fashion industry, always had dreams of starting a new career as a bakery owner. Starting off as a "serious home baker" before joining the Bread Bakers Guild of America, Laurie was ready to embark on her new career journey.

Before she could begin, she knew she needed some resources to help her turn her dreams into a reality. So she turned to SCORE.

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How SCORE helped. 

"As I transitioned from a fashion industry executive to a small business owner, I knew it was important to use every available resource to guide me in making the best decisions for my new company," Williams-Fleury says.

Rita Jackson, Williams-Fleury's mentor, was able to help construct a three-year financial for the bakery. Williams-Fleury also attended SCORE workshops that covered technology and the Internet for small businesses. "Navigating a startup can be challenging, but the assistance of SCORE made the process less intimidating," Williams-Fleury says. "Pairing the professional baking skills I obtained with the business skills from SCORE has been the greatest benefit for my startup bakery."

What's great about my mentor? 

"SCORE has been and continues to be an invaluable resource for me," Williams-Fleury reports. "Rita, my SCORE counselor is a wonderful advisor, mentor, motivator and has been as invested in me, my company and my future as any family member could be."

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