By providing mentorship and sharing ethically sound business practices, SCORE's nationwide initiatives help entrepreneurs and small business owners at various stages in their professional lives.

SCORE partners make many of these small business initiatives possible. Their support and guidance allows us to offer a complete range of opportunities all across the country.

SCORE for All

When it comes to starting a business, everyone faces different roadblocks and barriers. SCORE for All aims to address the challenges that different entrepreneurs face throughout their business journey and give them the tools and skills to achieve their goals.

Start-Up Roadmap

Starting a business is by no means a simple process. With the help of SCORE mentors and business experts, we’ve built a set of tools to help everyone start their journey on the right foot. From refining your business idea to launching your business, this guide helps you to stay on track. 


SCORE’s resilience program is there for you when things go south. From guiding you towards resources to instructional videos and articles on overcoming natural disasters and building an emergency fund, SCORE is here to help you become your own safety net. 

National Small Business Week

National Small Business Week is one week a year where SCORE partners with the SBA to host events, ceremonies, and educational sessions. This serves as an opportunity to recognize entrepreneurs and business owners for their hard work and impact on their communities.

Perfect Pitch

The Perfect Pitch Training will help you master the art of persuasion and learn how to apply for an upcoming online pitch event. Through this program, you will learn the 10 Ps to success, the typical pitfalls an entrepreneur makes and how to avoid them, and the structure of the perfect pitch.  

America's Small Business Championship

SCORE is offering an exciting opportunity for three small businesses to win $15K each in The American Small Business Championship, with the support of Sam’s Club. This initiative rewards 102 small businesses around the country for the sacrifices they have made to make their businesses successful. The Championship is open to small businesses throughout the U.S. and will lead to the selection of two champion businesses from each state and the District of Columbia. Champions win an all-expense paid attendance to a training session, SCORE mentoring for one year, and significant national publicity.  Learn more about America's Small Business Championship.

CEO Forums

The CEO Forum was formed by SCORE chapters to address strategic issues in a peer group setting. The members of the Forums are passionate about improving the performance of their businesses through shared experiences and knowledge. Each CEO Forum group is comprised of 10-12 executives from non-competing businesses who meet monthly as an ongoing team. 

Business Roundtables

Roundtable sessions provide a space for small business owners to present and receive advice from one other on short-term goals, strategic challenges and plans, and discussions of specific issues of interest to the group. Outside experts attend occasionally to add to the depth of discussion. All discussions are facilitated by experienced SCORE mentors.