Anthony DeFazio Chairman Customer Svc., Mgmt., Collections
John Amodio 1st Vice Chair Financial Management, Banking
Richard Stanley 2nd Vice Chair Chem. Eng., Consumer Prod.
Patricia Sturman Treasurer CPA,Retail,Mgmt.
Rita Jackson Secretary Human Resources, Consulting
SCORE General Membership    
John Amodio Mentor Financial Management, Banking
Stuart Beitelman Mentor Retail and Wholesale Trade
Anthony DeFazio* Mentor Customer Svc., Mgmt., Collections
Samir Farag* Mentor Electronics, Mgmt.
Joseph Gloznek Mentor Mgmt.
Gerry Harkin* Mentor Info. Tech., Bus. Dev.
Rita Jackson Mentor Human Resources, Consulting
Theresa Marro Mentor Educational Services, Non-profits
Peter Russo Mentor Math/Science/Computers
Sue Quadrino Mentor Consulting, Research and Business Services
Francis Schiano Mentor Enginnering/Laywer
Bart Sharp Mentor Banking, Financial Services
Richard Stanley Mentor Chem. Eng., Consumer Prod.
Patricia Sturman Mentor CPA,Retail,Mgmt.
Charles Taylor Mentor Manufacturing, Mining
Milton Zlotnick Mentor CPA,Finance,Computers
Vincent H. Kliesch Mentor CPA and Finance