Mr. Stanley was a Chemical Engineer for Proctor & Gamble Manufacturing in the area of consumer products in the food industry, soaps and detergents, and industrial chemicals.  Over a 22-year career, Richard was responsible for quality control, environmental compliance, process change, budgets and safety at the Port Ivory site.  

Since 1990, Richard has been an Adjunct Associate Professor of Chemistry at Wagner College in Staten Island.  In 1979, Richard became part owner of a Minor League Baseball Franchise.  He was, at one time, actively involved with assisting in the design and construction of several stadiums.  Beginning in 1993, Richard has worked for the United Nations Development Program and USAID to assist in third-world countries such as Nigeria, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Uganda and Thailand.  Most of these projects involve vegetable oil extraction, processing, and marketing. Some have involved consumer product productivity, quality control, Alcohol Import and Manufacture; and Medical Device Investment.  He is currently working on a ten-year project to develop baseball in Uganda.

Mr. Stanley is a Director for Eastern League Professional Baseball, Zars, a biomedical company, and Techniscan, a medical device company.  He has a BA from New York University in Chemistry, an MA from City University in Chemistry and Education, and an MBA from New York University in Marketing and International Business.  For several years, Richard has refereed college and high school football games.  Richard has been a volunteer for SCORE since 1990.