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NEW - SEC Crowdfundingstock rules

10 Top Crowdfunding Sites - Entrepreneur Magazine

Crowdfunding Examples

EquityNet - Crowdfunding

The Fundamentals of Leasing Business Equipment

Equipment leasing can help you grow your business when you are short on cash.

A Guide to Community Development Financial Institutions
If your business in an economically distressed area, this special funding source could help you find money for your business.

A Simple Guide to Microloans
Need a little cash to grow? The Small Business Administration has microloans to help.

The Ins and Outs of Asset-Based Loans

Need cash fast? It can be had -- if you're willing to put future sales on the line.

A Basic Guide to Bank-Term Loans

A business loan from the bank is one of the most traditional forms of startup funding.

Getting Started With a Loan From the Small Business Administration

The SBA's got your back. With an SBA-guaranteed loan, they'll guarantee as much as 80 percent of the principle.

The Basics of Private Loan Guarantees

Prospective investors hesitant to provide cash? Ask if they will guarantee a loan.

How to Use the Small Business Administration's 504 Loans

Government-backed financing can help you buy a new location or update your current business.

An Introduction to Royalty Financing

Don’t want to allow investors to own your business? Pledge a cut in revenue instead.

Taking Advantage of Government Venture Capital

The SBA doesn't just guarantee loans. It backs venture capital funds, too.

Getting Started With Angel Investing

The large influx of cash can help launch your business, just make sure you can stay in the driver’s seat.

Angel Investor Update - SEC

Entrepreneurs who seek capital for their early stage venture must have the counsel of an experienced attorney who specializes in financial transactions. Obtaining a securities attorney will enable the business owners to fully understand all federal and state regulations regarding their business, protect business owners and investors, and encourage compliance with these laws.

Getting Started With Business Incubators

If you can get in, these organizations can help turn your startup into a successful company.

The Basics of 401(k) Financing

It’s an easy source of startup funding, but you'll have to deal with IRS rules and regulations down the line.

Getting Started on Direct Public Offerings

This fundraising option can be costly, but crowdfunding can make it more attractive.

A First Take on Reverse Mergers

Dreading the time suck of an IPO? A reverse merger may be the answer.

The Ins and Outs of IPOs

An Initial Public Offering includes advantages and disadvantages on a grand scale.

Institutional Venture Capital

VC funding isn't always easy to obtain and you'll have to give up equity, but when you're a high-growth company with high financing needs, it can be your best bet.


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Why You Shouldn't Send Your Business Plan to Investors

Where to Find Angel Investors

Getting Started with Angel Investors

What are Angel Investors Looking For

Connect with 40,OOO Angels

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Interview with Angel Investor Video

How to Deal With Venture Capital Firms

How to Make a Pitch to Angel Investors

Start-up Funding Stories

Rollover for Business Startups -  how funds made lives awesome, and not-so-awesome. - Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative projects.

Kickstarter - Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative projects. - Everyone should have the opportunity to raise money.

Prosper - Lender and Borrower Video

Full Explanation of Prosper -  Raising Money - This is a great starting point to promote - small loans - Personal Asset Loans - -Empower People Around the World for $25 -Private Equity and Venture Capital

Start with Funding?  Don't worry about funding start with Sales

Lending Club and Prosper

Kabbage – Quick Loans - Video

Kabbage Web Site

Loans from $500 to $40,000 to entrepreneurs to buy inventory or the supplies they need to make handmade products to sell online. Kabbage customers get six months to pay back the money with interest that ranges from 2 to 7 percent depending on credit score and store revenue.

Which gets to another Kabbage requirement: You have to prove that you’re already making money selling your must-have product or products. It’s not Kickstarter, and new sellers need not apply.

And it can’t be just some homegrown storefront. You have to sell your inventory via eBay, Amazon, Yahoo Shopping, Etsy, or use storefront tools like Shopify, Magento and PayPal. That’s because Kabbage uses your seller history and reviews to help figure out how much money it should give you.

Seller reviews are just one metric the company uses to make its lending decisions.

“We probably know more about any given business than any other company has known about small business, ever,” brags Kabbage co-founder Kathryn Petralia. “We look at transactional data, QuickBooks entries, UPS shipping history, payment processing, and bank account activity to get a much better picture than banks get from just financial statements.”

Kabbage uses an automated system to assess a business’ investment risk; it can lend very small amounts and still make money,

Kabbage says it currently bankrolls $800 million in annual small business sales with its loans, and that most Kabbage customers take 10 advances per year.

It’s using a portion of its own $30 million advances to go international. Expect a lending service in the United Kingdom later this year. Also look for Kabbage loans to start aiding merchants with physical storefronts. “We’re trying to get away from the terms ‘e-commerce’ and ‘offline business,’ and just focus on commerce,” says Petralia. “We feel that anywhere a merchant interacts with the internet, whether that’s selling inventory online or using the internet to bring customers to a physical storefront, we can help.”


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