To have or not to have a blog for your business is no longer a question. You MUST blog if you want to engage more customers and get subscribers. The selection of videos below will help you to start blogging and perfect your skills very quickly.

Udemy - Great Video Tutorials For a Beginner

What Makes a Blog Successful

Videos to Learn How to Blog 1 Introduction

Lean How to Blog 2 Creating Your G-Mail Account

Learn How to Blog 3 Creating Your First Blog

Learn How to Blog 4 Getting More Information

Learn How to Blog 5 Setting Up a YouTube Account

Learn How to Blog 6 Customize Your Blog

Learn How to Blog 7 Add YouTube Videos to Your Blogger Post

Learn How to Blog 8 Upload a Video to YouTube

Learn How to Blog 9 Upload Video From Your Web Cam

Learn How to Blog 10 Overview Pages, Posts, Settings

Learn How to Blog 11 How to Obtain Intermediate and Advanced Courses

Learn How to Blog  Correction on How to Enter Your Name

Question: I notice you seem to prefer Google Blogger as opposed to other software. Can you explain why?

Answer: I prefer it because it is Free, Easy to Use, Google is constantly adding new features. A perfect tool for a beginner. Many people prefer other software, such as Wordpress. is an excellent program but requires a host. It is suited for more sophisticated Bloggers. In any case, the success of the Blog is its content and traffic. A Google Blog connects with ADSENSE offering the ability to earn money with Ads they suggest. Adsense pays very little - first try other ads and affiliate ads.

Here is a short video regarding Adsense

Reasons I Choose Blogger

Word Press vs. Blogger - One Persons Opinion

Male Your Blog SEO Friendly

Using Blogger Gives Extra Leverage with Google +

Optimize Blog for SEO Optimization

The free online CSS beautifier tool takes care of your dirty code and strips every unwanted

How to Create a Google Blog - Start Up Videos